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Network Rewards Program at
Wise Up to Rise Up Foundation

As a valued member of Wise Up to Rise Up Foundation's volunteer network, you gain access to exclusive benefits through our Membership Rewards program:


Exclusive Email Address: Gain access to a personalized email address using our domain, allowing you to represent yourself professionally as a member of Wise Up to Rise Up.


Google Premium Suite Access: Enjoy all the benefits of Google's premium suite of tools and services, enhancing your productivity and collaboration capabilities.


Complimentary Canva Premium: Access Canva's premium features for free, empowering you to create stunning designs and visuals effortlessly.


Profile with Achievement Badges: Showcase your accomplishments and contributions within our network by earning and displaying achievement badges on your profile.


Eligibility for Presidential Awards: As a member, you are eligible for official recognition through Presidential Awards, highlighting your dedication and impact in our community.


Official Volunteer Hours Certificate: Receive a certified document affirming your volunteer hours, validating your commitment to making a difference.


Work Experience Verification: Utilize your membership with Wise Up to Rise Up as a credible reference on your resume, showcasing your involvement and skills gained through our programs.


These network rewards are designed to enhance your  experience, recognition, and professional development as

an active member of our volunteer community.

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