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Goal: To empower mentees in underserved communities to take noticeable interest in positive pursuits, express creativity through positive-themed creations, and develop a zest for life, while creating a measurable sense of inspiration for both mentees and mentors and tangible change in thinking patterns and creative patterns through mentoring relationships.

Theory Of Change

Many youth in underserved communities may lack exposure to positive outlets for self-expression and may gravitate towards negative or apathetic attitudes.
Research suggests that engaging in creative activities and expressing positive themes can promote mental well-being, resilience, and a sense of purpose among young people.
The Wise Up to Rise Up Foundation recognizes the importance of fostering positive passions and creativity as pathways to personal growth and fulfillment.


Trained mentors with expertise in fostering creativity, positive thinking, and literacy skills.

Resources for creative expression, such as art supplies, writing materials, musical instruments, and design tools.

Curriculum and activities designed to inspire imagination, promote positive thinking, and encourage literacy through creative expression.

Supportive environment that encourages experimentation, risk-taking, and exploration of diverse interests.


Mentor-mentee interactions focused on exploring and nurturing mentees' interests, strengths, and passions.

Engaging in creative projects and activities that promote positive themes, such as gratitude, hope, resilience, and empathy.

Providing opportunities for mentees to showcase their creative works and receive positive feedback and recognition.

Encouraging reflection and discussion about the connection between positive thinking, creativity, and overall well-being.

Collaborating with local artists, writers, musicians, and designers to provide mentorship and inspiration to mentees.


Increased engagement and enthusiasm among mentees for creative activities and positive pursuits.

Creation of tangible works of art, writings, music lyrics, designs, or other creative expressions with positive themes.

Improved literacy skills, including reading comprehension, writing proficiency, and critical thinking, through creative expression.

Enhanced self-esteem and confidence among mentees as they showcase their creative talents and accomplishments.

Measurable sense of inspiration and motivation for both mentees and mentors through meaningful interactions and creative collaborations.



Alignment with Research and Theory:

Mentees demonstrate a noticeable shift in attitudes and behaviors towards more positive thinking, optimism, and zest for life.

Reduction in engagement with negative or apathetic attitudes or behaviors as mentees find fulfillment and purpose in positive pursuits.

Development of lifelong habits of creativity, imagination, and positive self-expression that contribute to overall well-being and success.

Tangible change in thinking patterns and creative patterns among both mentees and mentors, as evidenced by measurable improvements in attitudes, behaviors, and creative outputs.

Long-term transformation in mentees' thinking patterns and life outlook, leading to greater resilience, happiness, and success.

Strengthened sense of community and belonging as mentees contribute positively to their environments through their creative works and attitudes.

Sustainable inspiration and empowerment for both mentees and mentors, creating a ripple effect of positive change throughout the community.

The program aligns with research on the benefits of positive psychology, creative expression, and literacy development in promoting well-being and positive youth development.

The theory of change draws on theories of self-determination, positive youth development, and creative empowerment, emphasizing the importance of fostering intrinsic motivation, autonomy, and mastery in youth while also considering the impact on mentors.


Overall, the Wise Up to Rise Up Foundation's mentoring program with a focus on positive pursuits, creativity, and measurable inspiration aims to inspire mentees and mentors alike, fostering tangible change in thinking and creative patterns while promoting personal growth, resilience, and community engagement. Through intentional mentorship and engagement in creative activities, the program empowers individuals to embrace their potential, make positive contributions, and thrive in all aspects of life.


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