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Introducing Our New Mentorship Program Experience


We are excited to launch our innovative mentorship program, designed to enrich student learning through engaging real-world experiences. Our program, hosted at K1 Speed, Top Golf, Dave and Buster's, and Main Event, offers students valuable life lessons in perseverance, practice, adaptation, and balance.


- Perseverance at K1 Speed: Students will learn that success often rewards those who persevere. Racing requires focus, determination, and resilience—skills that directly translate to academic and personal challenges.


- Practice and Improvement at Top Golf: Top Golf provides an ideal setting to understand the importance of practice and incremental improvement. Just as mastering a golf swing takes time and effort, so does mastering new skills and subjects.


- Adaptation at Dave and Buster's: Life is unpredictable, and learning to adapt is a crucial skill. Dave and Buster's offers a dynamic environment where students can practice flexibility and problem-solving in real-time.


- Balance at Main Event: Managing multiple activities teaches students how to balance responsibilities and make the most of their time—an essential skill for academic and personal success.


Post-Activity Reflections: Following each session, students will engage in reflective discussions to reinforce the day's lessons and relate them to their academic and personal goals.


Celebratory Dinners: To conclude each program, we will host celebratory dinners at restaurants like Raising Cane's, Red Robin, Freddy's, Buffalo Wild Wings, Chipotle, Mod Pizza, Blaze Pizza, and more. This provides an opportunity for students to bond, share their experiences, and further solidify the lessons learned.


Benefits for Students:

- Practical application of life skills

- Improved decision-making and problem-solving abilities

- Enhanced social and communication skills

- Increased motivation and engagement in learning

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