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Just Shine

In this life, we have choices, and with each choice, we create roads of opportunity or destruction. You may not know what lies beyond your sight besides the steps you take forward, but you will feel the pull of the mighty call to pursue the light that created you. It is normal to feel inadequate and incapable of striving for that sunshine of love and oneness within a world of darkness, but use that limitation and make it into something new. Only the brightest diamonds withstand the toughest pressure.

Today, make each choice to shine through the fog of misery with the light of purpose and inspiration. Be brave and bold, for the sheep will follow the herder, but the herder will always command the sheep.

Join us at Wise Up to Rise Up Foundation in our mission to empower young visionaries and create vibrant, inclusive communities where everyone feels valued and inspired. Visit our website to learn more and support our cause to inspire the next generation.

God bless you.

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