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The Beginning of Something bright in Life.

It is precious, unique, and tailored to everyone's individual experience. But, even though we seem to be separate beings in a world full of human faces, we are all but one thing through the silver lining; life. As we come to celebrate the moments we experience with friends, family, partners, and associates, take a moment to breathe in the intense feeling and breathe out the feeling of gratitude for the lives that we see right in front of us, the ones that can take a second to breathe, every time they speak to you. It is those moments you will miss when they are not around. So we enjoy them why we still can. Through your daily grind and hustle let us remind ourselves all that we are grateful for and for the life we are given to make something of it.

Wise Up To Rise Up gives the biggest hugs of gratitude to the community formed here by CEO Kristopher Fields and CO-CEO MJ and an even bigger hug to our donors who helped make this possible. Thank you for showing Houston youth that there are ways to succeed no matter the difficulties that can come your way. With the continuance pursuit of your dreams, anything is achievable, push past the wall with faith and nothing can stand in your way.

God bless you all

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