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"Sponsor a Bow Tie" with the Wise Up to Rise Up Foundation is a stylish and meaningful way to support our mission of empowering young visionaries. Your sponsorship contributes to providing elegant bow ties to students, educators, and community leaders, symbolizing unity, creativity, and a commitment to excellence.


Each sponsored bow tie represents a connection to our community's values of inclusivity, collaboration, and celebration of individuality. By sponsoring a bow tie, you not only contribute to enhancing the appearance of our participants but also promote a sense of inspiration and belonging.


Your generous support helps us create memorable experiences and events where individuals can express themselves confidently, showcasing their unique styles and personalities. Together, we can inspire creativity, foster leadership, and create positive change in our communities.

Thank you for considering sponsoring a bow tie and being a part of our efforts to uplift, empower, and celebrate diversity among young visionaries.

Sponser A Bow Tie

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