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We are more than just an organization; we are a family of visionaries, educators, and leaders, united by a shared mission to inspire the next generation. Our programs are designed to empower, educate, and lead the next generation toward a path of achievement and fulfillment. Through mentorship, educational initiatives, and community engagement, we aim to instill values of emotional intelligence, social responsibility, and personal excellence.


Khristopher Fields

Jordan "MJ"

Founder |  Principal Officer

Co Principal Officer


Assistant Executive Director | Partnership Affairs

Matthews, M.S.

Voting Adviser


Leader | Emerging Events


Associate | Media 


Assistant Executive Administrator 



Voting Adviser



Associate | Operations

About The Principal Officer

Wise up to rise up

A Houston native dedicated to enriching the community, Principal Officer Khristopher Alexander Fields has earned several prestigious honors for his life's work. These include the U.S. Presidential Lifetime Achievement Call to Service Award—an esteemed recognition bestowed upon him by the White House itself—and the U.S. Presidential Gold Medal, an illustrious distinction presented to him by the 46th President of the United States, in recognition of his extraordinary contributions to community enrichment.

Through NBC's syndicated television network, Khristopher’s voice has reached hundreds of thousands nationwide and over 81,000 people through online streaming. This platform has amplified his message of empowerment and community enrichment to an unimaginably wide audience. Across the nation, those facing similar challenging circumstances have seen him as an example of overcoming adversity. He refuses to be a cautionary tale; instead, he aims to be a testament to God’s unmatched power to transform lives.

In 2023, Khristopher was the recipient of the Inspirational Man of the Year Award by the Heavenly Estates Foundation Inc., a 501(c)(3) community organization.  Furthermore, the City of Houston, Texas, known as the Energy Capital of the World, has even dedicated a day in his name, acknowledging his unwavering efforts to empower the next generation of leaders.

His motivation to inspire the next generation stems from growing up in Greenspoint, an inner-city neighborhood in north Houston, Texas, known for its high crime rates, particularly violent crimes like armed robberies and assaults. Despite these challenges, Greenspoint, often referred to as "Gunspoint," has been the backdrop for his remarkable achievements.


Khristopher has logged over 4,000 hours of volunteerism and community service and is the visionary founder of Wise Up To Rise Up Foundation Inc., a 501(c)(3) licensed community organization that has earned Gold Status recognition from respected organizations such as Guidestar, Foundation Center, and Candid. 

Khristopher champions the incredible work being done to boost literacy rates through the power of community, creativity, and collaboration. The foundation focuses on bringing people together—communities, dreamers, artists, visionaries, educators, and volunteers—to spark a love of learning and creativity in the next generation, especially in the underserved neighborhoods of Houston, Texas.

Despite these achievements, he considers the lives he's touched and the smiles he's inspired to be his greatest accolades.

About The Co - Principal Officer

Wise up to rise up

Dorian Jordan, or 'MJ' as friends call him, is a vibrant inspiration not only at the University of Houston but also in broader circles, earning recognition through multiple notable awards. Alongside his studies, he's deeply involved in uplifting his community through Wise Up to Rise Up Foundation, where he serves an instrumental role as Co-Principal Officer and Financial Specialist.

With a camera in hand, MJ captures the essence of life's moments, bringing out the beauty and authenticity of his surroundings. He's not just skilled behind the lens; MJ's also an award-winning licensed barber, using his talent to groom and mentor those in his chair. MJ's impact doesn't stop there. He's a dedicated mentor, lending an ear and guidance to young minds, and a filmmaker, using storytelling to shed light on important social issues.

Through his various roles, MJ embodies compassion, creativity, and resilience, leaving a lasting impression on everyone he encounters.

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